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My name is Christian Peake Mestre. I am PhD in Developmental Psychology, focused on neurocognitive processing involved on learning, specifically in learning of mathematics.

Welcome to my personal research web site. I present here my research and interests. 
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Current position

Asistant professor

Faculty of Education

Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción (Concepción, Chile)

Selected publications

Peake, C., Díaz, A. & Artiles, C. (in press, 2016). Alphabet writing and allograph selection as predictors of spelling in writing sentences by Spanish-speaking poor and good keyboarders. Journal of Learning Disabilities: Special series on Writing Disabilities in Spanish-Speaking Children.

Peake, C., Jiménez, J.E., Rodríguez, C., Bisschop, E. & Villarroel, R. (2015). Syntactic Awareness and Arithmetic Word Problem Solving in Children With and Without Learning Disabilities. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 48 (6), 593-601.

Peake, C., Jiménez, J.E., Villarroel, R., Bisschop, E. (2012). Comorbilidad con otros trastornos del aprendizaje: dislexia y discalculia. In Jiménez, J.E. (Coord.) Dislexia en español. Prevalencia e indicadores cognitivos, culturales, familiares y biológicos. pp. 137 - 153. Pirámide Psicología: Madrid.

Current projects

Estudio del procesamiento numérico  mediante el registro de movimientos oculares en estudiantes universitarios [A study on number processing by recording saccadic movements in university students]. Principal Investigator. Proyecto interno CIEDE-UCSC, Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción. CIEDE/5/2017. 2017-2018.

Identificación de factores explicativos en la aparición de la comorbilidad entre las dificultades específicas de aprendizaje en lectura y las dificultades específicas de aprendizaje en matemáticas desde una perspectiva longitudinal [Identification of factors explaining comorbidity between reading learning disabilities and mathematical learning disabilities from a longitudinal perspective]. Associate researcher. FONDECYT REGULAR, Ministerio de Educación del Gobierno de Chile. 1161213. 2016-2019. PI: Dr. Cristina Rodríguez.

Desarrollo de la Argumentación del Razonamiento Probabilístico en Estudiantes con Talento Académico. Investigador alterno. Proyecto interno CIEDE-UCSC, Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción, Chile. CIEDE/4/2017. 2017-2018. PI: Dr. Hugo Alvarado.


My research interests focus on neurocognitive processes involved in learning, specifically in mathematical learning, and in the impaired neurocognitive processes underlying mathematical cognition and learning. Specifically, I am focused on heterogeneity of mathematical learning disabilities.
These are my interests as keywords:


Fundamentals of Pedagogy Department
Faculty of Education 
Concepción, Chile

Research Center on Education and Development (CIEDE-UCSC)


The intention of this site is to publish my research and promote scientific knowledge. So I present my work accessible to anyone who wants to learn with me. I am open to the possibility of debate on any topic related to my work or not, and for that I invite you to comment on any entry or contact me.
I will post here my research and opinions. I am not responsible for third party comments.
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Christian Peake Mestre
Fundamentals of Pedagogy Department
Faculty of Education 
Catholic University of the Most Holy Conception 
Concepción, Chile
+56 41 234 5297

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