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Peake, Jiménez, Rodríguez, Bisschop & Villarroel (2015) [paper]

Syntactic awareness and arithmetic word problem solving in children with and without learning disabilities.
Authors: Peake, C., Jiménez, J.E., Rodríguez, C., Bisschop, E. & Villarroel, R. 
Year: 2015.
Journal: Journal of Learning Disabilities.
Volume: 48 (6).
Pages:  593-601.
Original language: English.
DOI: 10.1177/0022219413520183
Impact Factor: 1.901 (Q1: EDUCATION, SPECIAL)


Arithmetic word problem (AWP) solving is a highly demanding task for children with learning disabilities (LD) since verbal and mathematical information have to be integrated. This study examines specifically how syntactic awareness (SA), the ability to manage the grammatical structures of language, affects AWP solving. Three groups of children in elementary education were formed: children with arithmetic learning disabilities (ALD), children with reading learning disabilities (RLD), and children with comorbid arithmetic and reading learning disabilities (ARLD). Mediation analysis confirmed that SA was a mediator variable for both groups of children with reading disabilities when solving AWPs, but not for childrenin the ALD group. All groups performed below the control group in the problem solving task. When SA was controlled for, semantic structure and position of the unknown set were variables that affected both groups with ALD. Specifically, children with ALD only were more affected by the place of the unknown set.


Dyscalculia, dyslexia, problem solving, mathematics, syntactic awareness


Download in PDF [524KB]: Peake, Jiménez, Rodríguez, Bisschop, & Villarroel (2015) [paper]

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Peake, C., Jiménez, J.E., Rodríguez, C., Bisschop, E. & Villarroel, R. (2015). Syntactic Awareness and Arithmetic Word Problem Solving in Children With and Without Learning Disabilities. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 48 (6), 593-601.